Wild Night with Daddy

Continue the story from where I left off in first person as Isabella, using show don’t tell:

I am Isabella, an 18-year-old who has always been intrigued by men of much older age. The boys my age never managed to do anything for me. My first time was with a man twice my age, one of my Dad’s colleagues, and my fascination with older men grew.

I have experimented with some of my dad’s friends, screaming ‘Daddy’ as they made love to me on my bed. I have this dark fetish; the idea of my dad making love to me is overwhelming. But I know it would never happen as he is such a kind man. Besides, he would never look at me that way. Or would he?

My Dad, Nathan, a 54-year-old divorced man, was polite and gentle. I haven’t ever seen him bring a woman home. I wondered; I needed a way to slowly get him worked up to the point he gives in to temptation. He’s a man; after all, I sat on my bed thinking.

A devious idea formed in my mind, so I took a bold step and put my seductive plan into action. I slipped into a t-shirt showing my bare legs and also could see a bit of my panties. I was hoping it would catch my dad’s attention. I waited until the moment was right, and as he walked into the living room, I walked over to him with a flirtatious grin.

“Hi, Dad,” I said as he looked at me in my T-shirt. “Enjoying your book, Dad?”

“Yeah, this book…” he cut off, saw me, and looked at my likes. Sweetie, don’t you think you should put something suitable on?”

I smiled at my dad, biting my lower lip suggestively. “Oh, I like it like this, Dad. It’s so…comfortable.” I ran my fingers over the hem of my shirt, drawing his gaze to my bare legs. I saw his eyes widen slightly, knowing I had his attention.

“Maybe we can watch a movie together, and I’ll snuggle up with you,” I suggested.

Dad looked at me, his eyes lingering on my bare legs for a moment longer than necessary. I could see a hint of surprise in his expression, but I couldn’t quite place something else. Desire, perhaps?

“I suppose we could do that,” he said. “What movie did you have in mind?”

I passed him the remote, “You choose, Daddy,” I sat next to him and put his arm over my shoulder.

He clicked the remote, his eyes scanning the list of movies with a thoughtful furrow creasing his brow. The soft glow from the screen lit his features, casting shadows that danced across his face in a silent rhythm.

“How about an action flick? Or maybe a comedy?” he mused aloud, his voice a gentle hum in the room’s quiet.

I nestled closer, feeling the warmth from his body. “Something light, maybe. We could use a good laugh, don’t you think?”

He nodded, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “A comedy it is, then.”

He glanced over at me, a hint of concern knitting his brows. “Aren’t you cold in just a t-shirt, sweetie?”

I nodded with a contented smile, “No, I’m comfy, especially with you here.”

“Alright, if you’re sure,” he said, the hint of a smile playing on his lips as he settled back, arm still draped around my shoulders, holding me close.

I decided to lie down and rest my head on his lap. I asked him, “Is it okay if I lay here, Dad?”

“Of course, sweetie,” he says, stroking my hair. “You can lay here as long as you want.”

I smile up at him, feeling a sense of contentment wash over me.

Later, after the movie, “That was a good movie; what do you think, Dad?”

There was no reply. I turned my head on his lap, and his head was back, and he was asleep. I rest my head on his belly, looking at the bulge at his crotch. I touch it; he doesn’t move; I place my hand on his bulge.

I could feel his limp cock in his pants; my heart started beating fast to what I decided to do next. I went to his zipper and pulled it down. I took out his old shrivelled cock and started to stroke my hand up and down.

I heard him moan a little, I looked up, and he was still asleep. So I continued with my heart racing; I took his limp cock into my mouth. As I sucked and sucked, my head rocked back and forth as I sucked his dick.

“Ahh fuck, swee… sweetie what… what are you doing,” shit he woke up, but I ignored him and sucked faster.

He was now rock solid, and I removed my mouth from his dick and jerked him off for a bit.

He moaned and groaned, “Why are you doing this? Oh fuck, it feels good.”

I jerked him off hard as I turned to look up at him, “You like it, Dad, don’t you? I am so wet right now, I know its wrong.”

I stop jerking his cock and stand up and bend over the coffee table. I pull down my panties, and I look over my shoulder at my dad.

“Please, Dad, I am so horny, please,” I side as I bent over more, giving him a clear view of my cunt.

“Please, Dad,” I repeated, my voice husky with desire. “I need you inside me, please.”

I was a little worried that he might say no. However, he never took his eyes off mine as he got up. With his hands extended to touch me, he stepped closer to me. His hand moved down my back, and I felt the head of his cock pressing against my labia.

His hand continues to trail down my back before cupping my ass, giving it a firm squeeze as if to say yes. Then, he slowly guides himself inside me, causing a low moan to escape my lips as he slowly fills my pussy. Slowly thrusting, he’s deep inside me.

“OMG, Daddy, Ughhhh, your… mmm oh shit, your fucking me,” I managed to say as I heard my arse slapped hard against him as he fucked me from behind.

“Too right I am, sweetie, now take daddy’s cock, you have been teasing me all night, argh take it, fucking hell, your tight,” he said as he slammed into me with force.

I caressed my aching sex, feeling the slick folds of my labia respond to my touch.

“We… oh god, we shouldn’t argh… be doing this; this is so fucking wrong, Sweetie,” he said as his cock just pounded into me.

“uh, fucking, oh my pussy, oh shit, Mmmm,” his cock was hammering into me so deep. I could feel his balls slap against me.

“Oh god, Daddy, yes, uhh, just like that,” I moaned as he slammed into me from behind. I could feel the head of his cock hitting my G-spot with each thrust; it felt so good with Daddy making love to me with passionate intensity. I reached down and began rubbing my clit, my fingers slick with my juices as I rubbed and rubbed.

He pounded harder as my ass clapped against him hard and loud.

“Fuck, baby, you feel so good. Your pussy is so good, I forgot what a pussy felt like been so long,” he groans and grunts, “Unngh,” his hands gripping my hips as he slams into me.

I respond with a moan, my fingers clenching at my clit as his cock finds that sweet spot inside of me. The room resounds with the sound of our bodies slapping together, interspersed with our ragged breaths and lustful gasps.

As he reaches his peak, his thrusts become erratic and his hips stutter. His fingers are digging into my flesh as he groans, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum sweetie.”

I feel his first hot jets of release seeping deep into my dirty little tight pussy as he swells inside of me. I let out a cry, feeling wave after wave of pleasure wash over me like a tidal wave. My body trembles and shakes.

My climax seemed to go on and on, wave after wave of ecstasy washing over me. As the intensity of my orgasm began to ebb, I felt him slowly soften inside of me, his thrusts becoming gentler until he finally pulled his dick out of me.

He was panting while putting his dick back in his pants, “Why did you let me and want me to do that to you.”

“I let you because I wanted to, Daddy,” I said, barely above a whisper. “I am obsessed with older cock, and well, I couldn’t resist anymore.”