Camping Stormy Night with My Daughter

“I don’t want to fucking go!” Kirsty yelled through sobs.

“Well, you’re going anyway, and don’t swear!” My wife Lilly yelled back.

“Arghhh!” Kirsty yelled as she slammed the door.

“Maybe we should just…” I began, but the look in Lilly’s eyes stopped me.

“She’s going; she needs to go,” Lilly said with a forced calm. “Look, Jack, I’m sorry, I know we had this all planned…” Lilly added, her voice softening instantly. “Stop apologizing!” I said, a little more forcefully than I had intended.

We had planned a backcountry camping trip to Killarney Provincial Park in Ontario for the week, a celebration before Kirsty went off to college, and Kirsty seemed to be looking forward to it. At the last minute, though, Lilly had been told she was going halfway across the country to a tradeshow for work. Kirsty was devastated.

“We’ll be fine.” I insisted, wrapping my arms around her. Lilly leaned back against me and my hands slid down over her 34C breasts, massaging them slightly and pushing my growing erection against her ass.

“Ahem!” Kirsty’s fake cough brought us back to reality, but I did not immediately remove my hands.

“Can we go then?” Kirsty asked in the most uninterested voice I’d ever heard. She was making an effort to look anywhere but at us.

“Ready when you are kiddo.” I replied.

Six hours later, I turned off Bell Lake Road towards the Bell Lake Access point.

Kirsty had slept most of the trip, but she was jolted awake suddenly as our Jeep hit a pothole. She looked confused as to where we were for a moment, and then the scowl began to return to her face. As she slowly got her bearings and started to look outside, I could see her eyes fly open so wide they would have made a Disney princess jealous.

“Welcome to Killarney Park” I announced as we drove in past the information sign.

“Oh my god.” Kirsty gasped, her head flicking back and forth as she tried to take in everything at once.

“I guess you didn’t believe me when I told you about this place, eh?” I kidded her, and I stopped near the launch ramp.

“Hearing it is one thing, even the pictures didn’t…” She breathed, lost for words. “but seeing it!” she added, stepping out of the Jeep.

“Let’s get a picture at the sign!” She squealed and was suddenly my little girl again, half running and half dancing across the parking area to the sign. She wasn’t my little girl anymore – Kirsty had developed into a beautiful young woman. She was perhaps a bit thin at 5′ 6″ and maybe 120 pounds. Her long dirty blonde hair flung out behind her as she went. I smiled at her and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing instantly that we would have a great week.

“Come on, Daddy!” She called, running back to drag me toward the sign. She hadn’t called me daddy in years.

A half dozen selfies were taken, and Kirsty looked suddenly confused as she stared at her phone. “There’s no cell at all out here?” She asked, shocked.

“Not much,” I admitted.

Kirsty stared at her phone a while longer before saying, “Hmpf, okay.” She shrugged this news off without a second thought, which left me gaping at her. In the last five or six years, I can hardly remember a minute when she didn’t have her phone in her hand. She must have guessed some of my thoughts because she laughed and said, “Dad, I can survive without it, you know.”

I sent Kirsty to get our permits as I unloaded and re-organised our gear. “It’s getting hot already!” she announced, and as I looked toward her to answer, her sweater hit me full in the face. ‘Sorry, Dad!’ she said with a laugh. Thanks, hun.” She disappeared through the light foliage along the path to the Killarney Kanoes shop/permit office.

By the time Kirsty returned with the permits, I had everything laid out and stowed in the canoe. I heard Kirsty whistling as she walked down the path toward me, and as I turned to greet her, she lunged at me and wrapped her arms around me.

“Thanks, Dad.” She said, sighing deeply against me.

“You’re welcome, kiddo,” I said, patting her back.

As we broke the embrace and I stepped back I had to cough to cover up a sudden gasp that I let out. Kirsty stood before me wearing one of the pairs of long Khaki pants we’d gotten her, especially for this trip and a tiny camo halter top that just barely covered a pair of breasts that easily rivalled her mother’s. I could easily see the bottoms of her breasts peeking out at the base of the fabric.

“That’s what the guy inside said.” Kirsty laughed, not fooled by my pathetic cover-up in the slightest. “I’m on vacation, Dad!” She said in mock exasperation.

“Here’s your PFD,” I said, recovering somewhat from the shock.

“Do I have to wear it?” she asked, looking at the slightly faded old red life jacket.

“You always wear it when you’re in he boat,” I replied, switching back into dad mode.

Kirsty pouted a bit but put on the PFD anyway. Within a few minutes, we were in the canoe, paddling lazily across the glassy smooth water of Bell Lake.

“Wow!” Kirsty kept exclaiming. She spent far more time looking around and taking pictures than she did paddling, but I had been on many solo trips and had no difficulty doing most of the paddling.

After a short 60′ portage into Balsam Lake, and about twenty more minutes paddling we arrived at our first campsite.

There was a small muddy bog on one side, but a gentle rocky slope on the other, leading up to a well-appointed campsite. A generous fire ring sat in the middle of a 20-foot-diameter rock clearing with some large timber that had been roughly fashioned into a couple of benches.

Kirsty was thoroughly excited, and bounced around everywhere. Unfortunately, as soon as she took off her PFD, this meant that I was constantly tormented by the sight of my daughter’s breasts nearly popping out of her halter-top. After a few minutes, I fought to look anywhere but at her.

As we began setting up the campsite, Kirsty stopped suddenly to survey all our gear.

“Uhm, Dad?” She asked timidly. “Is there just the one tent?”

“No, one each,” I said, handing her the two-person tent I’d brought her so she could have some privacy. “Here, you take this too,” I added, handing her the double-size sleeping bag Lilly and I usually used. I knew Kirsty, like her mother, was perpetually cold, and the double bag was down-filled and much warmer than my synthetic bag.

“Didn’t think you’d want to share with the old man,” I told her with a laugh.

“Thanks dad.”

We arrived at the access point around 2 p.m., so by the time we had made it to our campsite, had everything set up, and started dinner, it was nearly 6:00 p.m. We had a simple meal of chicken and rice, followed by some smores with hot chocolate. By 9:00 p.m., the clear, sunny day had set, and the warm afternoon had given way to a cool grey sky.

“It’s getting cold out here, hun. We should turn in,” I told Kirsty, looking up at the mounting dark clouds. A stiff breeze blew across the campsite, and the temperature dropped steadily.

“Okay, I’m going to the washroom first,” Kirsty said, her breath coming in a faint white cloud. She turned to head toward the thunderbox.

I started clearing things up and had just finished hoisting the food bag back up for the bear hang location when the sky opened up and an icy downpour began. Within seconds I was soaked from head to toe and freezing cold.

“Dad!” I heard Kirsty scream as she ran back towards me. My heart caught in my throat as I saw her coming, the rain had soaked through the light white tank-top she’d been wearing and her surprisingly large breasts bounced invitingly with her footfalls. As she stopped before me, her nipples stuck out prominently like thumb-sized diamonds. I found myself experiencing the same un-fatherly thoughts I’d had on many occasions before.

“Dad!” She said in an exasperated tone, clearly unhappy with my inaction.

‘The tents!” I said dumbly.

“Where’s yours?” She asked, looking around in every direction. My 3-person tent was gone, probably washed away into the forest or lake.

“Into yours.” I said, shoving Kirsty in the direction of her tent.

With some difficulty we both climbed into her small 2-person tent, though as Kirsty made to get

into the double sleeping bag, I stopped her

“Wait, hunny. We’re both soaked. If we get in the bag like this, it’ll be soaked, too,” I told her, trying to break the news gently.

I’ve got to be honest; I’ve had dirty thoughts about Kirsty before. I know I shouldn’t, but she’s my daughter. I love my wife, and we have a good sex life, but there’s just something about the forbiddenness of it that makes it exciting. I’ve scolded myself for it and promised to stop, but I always give in. But on that day, seeing Kirsty shivering and in distress, I can honestly say that all I felt was fatherly concern.

“Alright,” she said, quickly removing her wet clothes. I could see her shaking uncontrollably and her eyes starting to close. I quickly got out of my clothes and pulled Kirsty, now naked and shivering, into the sleeping bag and pressed up against me.

Holding Kirsty so close to my skin felt like hugging an ice cube, but I wrapped my legs around her and kept rubbing her arms, thighs, and legs to get her blood flowing. Kirsty shivered against me, but after a few minutes, the shivering slowed down. A gentle warmth spread between us, so I stopped rubbing her arms and touched her arm.

As the warmth spread between us, I could feel my body reacting to having a naked woman pressed up against me. My cock started to grow and press against Kirsty’s tight ass.

I hoped she had fallen asleep and didn’t notice, but she shifted her hips and lifted her leg slightly to stop me from pushing further. The movement had some effect, but my cock slipped from her ass crack and rested right against the entrance to her pussy. Kirsty let out a sudden gasp.

“I’m sorry, honey, I didn’t mean to,” I started to say, but Kirsty interrupted me with a soft “It’s okay, Dad, it was just uncomfortable there.” She then lowered her leg, trapping my cock right against her pussy entrance. I could feel the heat of her pussy radiating onto my cockhead and my body reacting involuntarily.

“Here, I’ll move, hun,” I offered, removing my arm and turning to face the other direction. But Kirsty pleaded, “No, Dad! Don’t leave me.” The wind was still howling outside, and although the thunder had moved off almost as quickly as it had arrived, Kirsty had never been fond of storms. “Okay, princess, I’m not going anywhere,” I reassured her.

As I lay my hand back down on her shoulder, I could feel her breathing becoming heavier. My inner strength was all that was keeping me from pushing forward to enter her. I began lightly stroking her shoulder, and my mind was filled with memories of the many times I had fantasized about being with her. I knew I should stop here, but the fire in my balls grew stronger.

My hand trailed its path down Kirsty’s shoulder, hip, and thigh. Her skin was so soft and silky to the touch. Without thinking about it, I found myself pushing forward, and rather than stopping me, Kirsty pushed her hips back to meet me. I slid into her wet pussy with ease, stopping when I felt a sudden barrier. She was still a virgin.

“I’ve never done this before,” Kirsty said in a husky voice, reaching back and holding my ass to stop me from pulling back. “Don’t stop,” she added. I couldn’t have stopped if I’d wanted to.

“Honey, you want me to have sex with you, but,” she cut me off, “we need to keep warm, but please be gentle; I am a virgin dad.”

I slowly push forward, feeling the barrier of her virginity give way as I enter her. She gasps as I fill her, her pussy tight and hot around my cock. I pause for a moment, letting her adjust to my feeling inside her. I can feel her heart racing against my chest as she clings to me.

“Are you okay, honey?” I ask my voice husky with desire.

“Yes, Dad. It feels… strange, but good,” she replies, trembling slightly.

I begin to move slowly, pulling back and then pushing back in, each thrust causing her to gasp and moan. I can feel her getting wetter as I fuck her, her pussy slick and hot around my cock. I reach down and start to rub her clit, causing her to moan even louder.

“Do you like daddy’s dick, sweetheart, and to think you didn’t want to come on this trip,” I slid in and out; I was being gentle.

“Oh, Dad, it feels so good,” Kirsty moaned, her hips bucking to meet my thrusts.

I continued to fuck Kirsty, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. Her moans grew louder, and I could feel her getting closer to orgasm.

“Right, take a deep breath, honey; I need to push it in deeper, ok,” I said as I started to go slowly deeper.

As she gripped her hips to pull her back toward me, I seized my chance and thrust forward, breaking through her hymen and burying my cock nearly to the hilt inside her. The delicate walls inside her velvety hole stretched to accommodate their first intruder.

Kirsty’s moan turned into a high-pitched scream as I filled her, the pain mixing with the intense pleasure of feeling me inside her for the first time.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart,” I whispered in her ear, “but I can’t stop now, not when you feel so good.”

I began to move again, slowly at first, giving Kirsty time to adjust to the feeling of my cock inside her. As I started to move faster, I could feel Kirsty’s pussy getting wetter and wetter, the slickness making my thrusts easier. I could feel my orgasm building, my balls drawing up tight against my body.

I didn’t want to cum, yet I wanted her to experience her first orgasm. So now I broke her seal, as they say, I decided to start pounding my cock in her harder.

I kept on thrusting into her; her pussy had a tight grip on my shaft.

“Oh, God, Daddy, I’m going to cum!” Kirsty screamed, her entire body tensing up as her orgasm hit. I could feel her pussy clamping down on my cock as she came, her whole body shaking and trembling as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

Kirsty exploded into an orgasm and began screaming, “Oh, Daddy!” over and over again as her pussy muscles pulsated against me. I held onto her hips and continued thrusting in and out of her, bringing a grunt at every smack of my pelvis on her tight ass cheeks.

“Let me know when you’re going to cum.” She panted between thrusts. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. It was all too much for me. I felt my balls tighten, I began to panic, I was about to cum deep inside my daughter, and I knew without a doubt she wasn’t on the pill.

I was about to pull out, but her arms reached around the back of her, and she made me stay inside her. Omg, this was it. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. “FUCK, Unnnngh Princess.”

With one last thrust, I impaled her hard with my rod, and I exploded. As my cum fired up my shaft and exploded into Kirsty, coating the insides of her pussy and flooding her.

I pulled out of her, and she turned to face me, resting her head on my chest.

“I love you, Kirsty. We’ll figure it out.”

“I love you too, Dad. Can I be your dirty little secret? We can do this whenever you want, Dad,” she said, kissing me thoroughly.

She relaxed against my body, and we drifted off to sleep together.