A Dirty Weekend: A Father-Daughter Fuckfest

Emily was so excited when her dad invited her to go camping for the weekend. She loved spending time with him and being outdoors, but she also couldn’t help but feel a little nervous. It had been a while since they had spent so much time alone, and Emily couldn’t shake the feeling that something would happen.

The two arrived at the campsite late Friday afternoon and quickly set up their tent. After they had finished, Emily’s dad suggested they hike to explore the area. Emily eagerly agreed, and they set off into the woods.

Emily couldn’t help but notice how her dad kept looking at her as they walked. A flush of warmth spread across her cheeks, and she wondered if he was thinking the same thing she was.

After a while, they reached a small clearing with a beautiful lake view. Emily’s dad suggested they stop for a rest, and they both sat down on the soft grass. As Emily leaned back against a tree, she couldn’t help but feel her heart racing.

“Daddy, can I ask you something?” Emily said, looking up at her dad with wide eyes.

“Of course, honey,” her dad replied, looking at her with a small smile.

“I know this is going to sound weird, but… I can’t shake the feeling that something will happen between us this weekend,” Emily said, looking down at her hands in her lap.

Her dad’s smile grew wider. “Is that so? And what do you think that something is?”

“I don’t know,” Emily said, her voice barely above a whisper. “But… I want it to happen.”

Without saying a word, Emily’s dad leaned in and gently kissed her. Emily released a soft sigh of pleasure as she wrapped her arms around her dad’s neck.

As they kissed, Emily’s hands started to wander. She reached down and began to undo her dad’s belt, feeling his stiff cock pressing against the fabric of his pants.

Her dad pulled back and looked at Emily with a hungry expression. “Are you sure you want to do this, honey?”

Emily nodded eagerly. “Yes, daddy. I want you to make love to me.”

Her dad slowly lowered her down to the ground and pulled off her pants. He looked at her with a mixture of lust and tenderness as he started to stroke her pussy. Emily let out a soft moan of pleasure as she felt her dad’s fingers explore her wet folds.

“Fuck, you’re so wet, Emily,” her dad said, his voice thick with desire.

“I know, daddy. I want you inside me,” Emily said, reaching up and wrapping her arms around her dad’s neck.

Her dad pulled off his pants and positioned himself between Emily’s legs. He slowly pushed inside her, causing Emily to let out a loud moan of pleasure.

As they started to fuck, Emily couldn’t believe how good it felt. She has had many guys before, but taking her own dad’s cock felt incredible.

Her dad fucked her hard and fast, his cock hitting all the right spots. Emily could feel herself getting close to orgasm, and she begged her dad to go faster.

“Yes, daddy! Harder! Fuck me harder!” Emily cried out, her voice loud and urgent.

Her dad obliged, his cock pistoning in and out of Emily’s pussy faster and faster. Emily could feel herself on the edge, and she knew that she was about to cum.

“Daddy! I’m going to cum!” Emily cried out, her body tensing up.

Her dad’s thrusts became more erratic as he felt Emily’s pussy clenching around his cock. With a final thrust, he pushed himself inside her all the way and let out a deep groan of pleasure as he filled her with his cum.

As they both came down from their orgasms, Emily looked up at her dad with a mixture of love and lust. She knew that this was something that they would never forget.

“I love you, Daddy,” Emily said, snuggling up against her dad.

“I love you too, Emily,” her dad replied, stroking her hair gently.

The two of them lay there, entwined in each other’s arms, enjoying the peaceful stillness of the woods. And Emily knew that this weekend was something that she would cherish forever.